Technology, how has it changed parenting
Technology, how has it changed parenting?

“What is Technology?” asked a little boy. “Technology is the skills, methods, and processes used to achieve goals,” said his dad. And in this case, does it helps us to improve the learning process of out kids or provide them with entertainment? The Technology industry has come a long way in thirty years, but it’s […]

Places in Singapore to bring your kids this June!
Places in Singapore to bring your kids this June!

1. Forest Play – Singapore’s FIRST Nature Adventure PlaygroundForest play is located at 112 Tanjong Beach Walk, it’s a new attraction for children that touches on risk play environment that imbues the value of grit, risk awareness and critical thinking skills.   They open from 10am to 6pm, from Wednesday to Sunday. Do check out their […]

Understanding Little Children

Understanding little children, especially in their toddler years, is always full of pleasant surprises. This is the time when your children’s grammar skills are developing at a much faster rate. You never know what funny words come out from their mouths. Beginning at 2 years old, these kids can already pick up correct use of […]