10 Reasons to read to your child (1)
Understanding children and their temperaments

One of the most sensitive and important issues parents have to contend with is the matter of their child’s temperament. Understanding children and their temperament is one important key to better growing-up development of each child’s personality vis a vis the world at large. Needs to Understand Your Child’s Temperament There is never a better […]

10 Reasons to read to your child
Tips for understanding your child through language

Good communication is also a key to understanding your child better. Do not be surprised at how your child could be. These days, children know how to use misbehaviour and annoying habits just to attract your attention. It is not good to declare an all-out war with your child. Instead, it is always best to […]

10 Reasons to read to your child
10 reasons to read to your child

We all know that learning to read is important, but as parents what do we do to facilitate this milestone? Reading to your child has many benefits one of which is simply having time to snuggle together.Here are 10 reasons to read to your child. 1. When you read to your child, he/she will learn […]

10 Reasons to read to your child
10 Ways To Make Sure Your Child’s Toys Are Safe

The whole scenario behind the invention of toys is that they are to be enjoyed, but part of that enjoyment includes making sure the toys are safe for your children. There are 10 simple steps that you can take to ensure that your child enjoys his/her toys while taking the appropriate steps to make sure […]