Understanding More About Kids Writing

Even in the current digital era, writing skills are still required in school in the foreseeable future. Thus, it is necessary for us to teach our child the importance of writing neat and well.

Good writing involves complex and a mix of multiple skills. For example the need to think about the content and also the how to string the content with the correct grammar.

Early writing skills are the skills that develop finger strength, pencil manipulation, awareness of letter sounds and names, and then blending these sound together.  The physical performance of producing written communication (be that writing or typing) can not be considered in isolation, but must always simultaneously consider the spelling, grammar, sentence construction and story planning skills.

So, what are the necessary things needed to improve your child’s writing skills?

  1. Physical Skills:
    The core body strength to sit up right and be in the right posture on the chair, the fingers and hand strength to hold and move the pencil.
  2. Understanding The Sequence And Concepts:
    How the individual letters look like, the size and how it relates to one another, the positions of the letters, the directions that are so natural for us right now yet totally new for our child.
  3. Language and Literacy Skills:
    The understanding and usage of the language, combining with the ability to string the words into a proper sentence, with the correct spelling.

Like most skills in life, writing skills can be improved as you spend more and more time practicing it. Do not be dishearten if your child has difficulty at the start, every child has a different starting position, but you definitely help him reach the end goal with more time, assistance, patience and practice.


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