Exploring Play and Social Skills

What is play? It is voluntary engagement in self motivated activities that are normally associated with pleasure and enjoyment. It may be social or solitary interactions. It is also how children interact with the environment and people around them.

Playing allows your child to understand and build social kills as well as societal rules. As most games, there are winning and losing, these games teaches your child about playing fair while having fun.

How about social skills? It is made up of the skills that we use everyday to interact and communicate with others. Consisting of verbal or non verbal communications. Social skills also help someone understand how to behave in social situations and how best to communicate with others within that environment.

Social skills also help your child to learn and resolve social conflicts. Training him to be empathetic with other children and caring for them when they are seemingly upset.

How do you know if your child is having difficulties with play or social skills?

  1. Getting upset when playing games.
  2. Interrupts often.
  3. Doesn’t like to play with others.
  4. Unable to maintain a conversation.
  5. Has poor attention span.
  6. Has trouble taking turns.
  7. Unable to maintain friendships and make new ones.
  8. Needs an adult to be with them.

If you child seems to have a little trouble, do spend more time explaining to him why during certain circumstances he needs to act in certain ways, try to get him to relate and put himself in the other child’s shoes.

Always encourage them and guide them gently, that will allow them to pick up these cue slowly but surely.

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