Drop your child off with ease!

Does your child whines and cries when you start to prepare him for school? Let us explore more on how to drop your child off with ease!

Understanding why your child doesn’t want to go to school

There may be underlying reasons why your child doesn’t want to go to school, by observing and asking questions, you might just be able to solve the root of the problem.

  • Did you child have enough sleep through the night? Lack of proper rest may result in cranky behaviours for the rest of the day.
  • Is he feeling unwell?
  • Are there things or people that he’s afraid of or wants to avoid?
  • Do you need to explain about why the need of going to school and why you need to leave him with his classmates and teachers?
  • Are there things and situations that are happening outside of school that affects his mood and behaviours?

Solving the issues

After digging deeper, you should have clarity on what may be the underlying issues that result in him not wanting to go to school.

Depending on the specific problems, explain clearly and simply the reasons, reassure your child that you will be back to pick him after he wake up from his nap in school, he will also have a fun and enjoyable time with his friends and teachers.

Continue to spend more time and attention with your child during this period. Speak to him about school during the weekends where the immediate pressure isn’t there. Watch videos and cartoons about learning, schooling to give him additional views and examples of this, let him understand that this is something that all the rest of the other kids do and experience as well.

And lastly, build up the fun and associate school and learning with positive and good feelings.

With a combination of the above, you will be dropping off your child with ease within the next 2 to 4 weeks!


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