Educational and Fun Games For Your Kids

Educational games for kids are the best way to help your child learn. There are many educational and fun games for kids that will make learning a fun task! Whether it’s teaching them how to read, or teaching them their ABCs, educational and fun games for kids is a great way to encourage children of all ages to be active learners! Here are a few interesting ones that you can try with your kids.

Colours matching game:

This is a simple game to teach your kids how to identify colours, pick up speaking and cognitive skills.

Go through a random list of colours, for example “Red, Yellow, Green, Blue..”, spell and speak it out slowly, then point to an example. Then ask your kids to pick another item within the area that has the same color.

Learning Fruits, Shapes and Animals game:

This game helps your kids to learn more about the words that they will be using to communicate with you better.

Prepare books, images or flash cards of the above categories, show them the item, say out the name of it, spell it out and give characteristics of it.

For example, “Fish”. “F-I-S-H”. “It has fins, gills, swims in the water and we eat it for our meals sometimes!”

Alphabet game:

This game helps your kids to recognise alphabets, how it looks like, how it sounds and learn to associate words with it.

Prepare books, images or flash cards of the alphabets, start from the alphabetical order, say it out and then give some examples along with it.

You can start with the letter “A”, “A for Apple”. Then pass to your child an apple.

Pretend or Imaginary game:

This game helps your kids to work on their imagination and also allow them to explore the world more by themselves.

Requires a little more props, you can use actual adult items if you don’t have the kids or toys version of it.

Play out a scenario of bathing with your child. Have a soft toy acting as the baby and your child as the caretaker. And also have a small bucket to place the soft toy, with cups to scoop water to shower onto the baby. Explain to your child what you are doing and why you are doing it. Then guide your child to do the similar actions.

Hope these are interesting and fun for your kids to learn and explore! Enjoy and have fun!

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