Is your child gifted or a genius? Here are some signs…

Are you bias or is your child really special? All parents would like to believe that our child is gifted or even a genius, let’s look at some signs that could reveal this early in their lives.

Books! They love them!

If your child reads often and enjoys reading them, they might have a good chance of being gifted! Besides, it always help that they are learning valuable insights and new words from this great habit of theirs. Notice how early and quickly they read, this is another sign. Otherwise, do encourage them by reading to them daily, who doesn’t love a good bedtime story?

Are the observant and curious?

Some children are much more observant and curious than other. Does he ask you questions of how things work? Can she spot and notice patterns and shapes in the games and activities you do with her? Gifted children are very good at spotting really interesting and minutiae details that us as adults just miss.

Or are they really focused and determined?

Try giving him an interesting puzzle, see how long does he try to solve it? And whether he gets distracted by the television playing on the background or when his siblings run across the room screaming. Most gifted children are really focused and determined with the task on hand, they don’t easily give up until they solve the challenge. They are also super alert and full of energy.

They can remember names, things and events very well.

Try testing your child the names of her friends in class or asking which is your zodiac sign if you had previously mentioned to her before, see if she recalls and could tell it to you. It’s amazing sometimes these gifted children could remember such random and interesting details from their impeccable memory.

Story telling, animated and great sense of humor.

Does he make you laugh out loud with his actions, words and funny faces? Saying things that are totally unexpected and really clever? Being able to tell jokes and make people laugh is another great sign of intelligence.

Regardless he is gifted or not, I’m sure we all love our child nonetheless! Otherwise, nurturing him to be one is also possible.

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