Should You Be Worried About The Delta Variant? How Would It Affect Your Kids?

As the number of cases in Singapore increases, everyone(not just parents) are extremely worried about the virus. Let us explore what the Delta Variant is and how you can understand more about it so that it is no longer a black box but something that you know more about.

First off, what is the Delta Variant?

The Delta variant is a variant or mutation of the COVID-19 virus that has higher transmission but thankfully lower implications. It started in India and now it’s the most dominant variant in the world.

How to protect myself and my kids against the Delta Variant?

As we are already very familiar and used to by now, the wearing of N95 Masks is very effective against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We should continue this mask wearing discipline, not just to protect ourselves but also others around us.

Vaccines are also highly effective, whether it’s the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna, this is currently our best form of protection against the virus. They help to limit the spread and also the severity of the disease. As more population gets vaccinated, the higher coverage will significantly reduce the spread of the virus and also prevent new variants from emerging.

Delta Variant vs other Variants Affecting Your Kids

Based on the data gathered, the Delta variant is 50 to 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha Variant. With kids not being vaccinated, it is more likely that they will be infected until vaccines for kids are being introduced.

Will I be able to spread the Delta Variant to my kids if I’m already vaccinated?

Yes there is a slight chance as there will be come amount of virus that can be spread to your kids. But it’s definitely lesser than if you are vaccinated.

Unfortunately the situation now, we have yet to have the vaccine booster shots available to better protect ourselves against the spread of the Delta Variant, in the mean time, we just have to be really careful ourselves and ensure that we avoid going out as much as possible, especially indoor places.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

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