Teaching Kids the Growth Mindset: Strategies to Fix Behavior

Children are a blessing, but they can also be a handful. We want to give them the best life possible and do what is best for them, but sometimes it feels like their behavior is out of our control. Teaching kids about growth mindset strategies can help empower your children to think differently about themselves and behave better in the process!

Here are a few tips to follow if you find it hard to disicipline your children:

1 . Correct their behavior:

When your child misbehaves, correct them. Be firm but also give some praise for the good things they have done in the past. Stick to a consequence and make it fit the crime as best you can (it’s tough when our kids are so young)

2. Identify the problem:

Is this an isolated incident? Have they been behaving poorly for some time now, or is this new?

If it’s a recurring issue, try to identify the cause. For example – maybe your child has low self-esteem and needs more reassurance that you love them unconditionally. If it’s just one instance of misbehavior then we want to understand what triggered it. Is the child hungry? Tired? Stressed about school or friends?

If you’re not sure what’s going on, try to get a sense of their emotional state – are they angry or sad, for example? What may happen if we ignore the problem and hope that it goes away by itself.

3. Put them in the victim’s perspective:

What if you were the girl that got your toy snatched? How would yo feel?

This is a silly question, but it can be helpful for kids to think about. What does the other person feel? Does she/he want your toy too? That’s why they took yours! Or maybe that wasn’t their intention at all – did something just happen and you’re feeling frustrated because also wanted the toy and attention.

4. Offer them a choice or solution:

If the child has behaved badly, offer them options or a solution. “What can you do next time to get your toy back? What would make that person happy so they won’t take it again?” This will help children understand their behavior and how to fix it in the future.”

What is the Growth Mindset? And how can it help our children?

A growth mindset is all about the idea that intelligence and talent are not a fixed trait, but can be grown.

It helps children understand their behavior and how to fix it in the future. It also teaches us new ways of looking at mistakes – they’re learning opportunities!

This allows our children to make mistakes but yet being able to learn from them and also grow from them.

With these few tips, hope you have a framework of how to better disiciple your children. Remember, they are all young explorers trying to figure out the new world that they are in.

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