Ten tips on understanding your child

Parenting can be a frustrating experience especially if you cannot seem to establish a harmonious relationship with your teenager. There are times when you find yourself in disagreement with your child because of the so-called generation gap. The key to having a harmonious relationship with your child lies on how well you understand them. Here are 10 tips on dealing with your teen and understanding your child.

Set a boundary between your role as a parent or a friend.

Aside from being a father or mother to your child, you can also be a friend to them. But sometimes you need to make a distinction between being a parent and the same time a friend to your child. Friends will always have the tendency to judge your child whenever they confide their problems.

As parents, you cannot do this because of your care for the child. Friends can be found anywhere but good parents is a rare commodity these days.

Show Your Involvement

This is true especially if you are occupied with your work and rarely have the time to be with your child. Being involved means finding the time to be with them whenever you have a spare time. Try to find information about your child’s life, their thoughts and feelings so that they will be at ease coming to you when they are in trouble.

Train Them To Be Accountable

As a parent, you are responsible for preparing your child for adult life. Teach them that if they want something, effort should be exerted in order to achieve it. Money is not the important thing, it is being responsible and independent which matters. Provide them their allowance for jobs but don’t pay them if they are not doing their part. This way, you are training them to survive in this world.

Listen To Them

As a parent, it is your job to listen to them and understand what they want. You should avoid making any judgment even if they are arguing or disrespecting you. Try to get the message that they are trying to convey as it often means they need your help.

Explain Your Side

By letting them know the reasons for your decision, you are helping them become good decision makers themselves. If you want your child to be home at a certain time, tell them that you are concerned for their safety. Even if they disagree with your decision, they will accept it as adults.

Be There For Your Child

The most important thing in being a parent is letting them know that you are always there for them. Providing support and letting your child know that you are behind them is vital to their development.

Tune In

Knowing and listening to their kind of music, what activities they are involved in, the names of their friends is your responsibility.

Be Flexible

It is good to set rules but there are always exceptions and there are instances when you need to bend the rules that you set.

Share Your Interest With Your Child

Sharing interests with your child means you understand them better. This means you are learning together and sharing your experiences. You need to have some connection with your child other than having an argument with who has the mobile devices.

Keep Talking Even If Your Teen Will Not Listen

You may not know it but teenagers do listen to their parents. While they may at times argue with you, your advice is well-entrenched in their minds. Although they may seem passive with what you say, the truth of the matter is it sticks. So never stop giving them advices.

Follow these tips on understanding your child and you are headed towards becoming a successful parent.

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